Vchip's Products

Quality is our Speciality

Feeling customers happy and building quality products is the primary motive of Vchip Technology. We have developed IT based products for Education and Agriculture sector. Also, work is going on IoT based product for security of infrastructural and automation in Education and Agriculture sector.

Education Sector

Education is basic need for development of better than best society. In India most of the population lives in villages and quality of education in villages is very poor because quality lecturer don’t like to live in villages (Our believes). So we are providing online education platform, so anyone can access quality education just by one click. Also we make electronics gadgets which give quality education to child with enjoyment, also these gadgets are connected to Internet, so child are always in touch with their parents. Also we are focusing on bridging the gap between industries and educational organizations.

Features: Education on click, MAth + loGIC = MAGIC, Learn with fun, Quality education to villages, Digital Village, Digital Education, Vchip-edu.

Agriculture sector

Vchip Technology is working on automation for Agriculture domain. E.g. Automation of transportation. If farmer have to transport his goods to market then farmer can check which vehicle is going to market on that particular day and whether it have enough space for the goods etc. Automation of availability of equipment which are required to farmer like thresher. We provide agriculture related online guidance to farmer. Also Online knowledge for different government schemes that will be helpful to farmers (like installation of solar cell provided by government at free or very low cost and they purchase electricity from them. It will be helpful to farmers).

Features: Automation and AI for Agriculture, Agro-India.

Security of Infrastructure

We are working on IoT based product for security of Infrastructure. This product is in under development mode. According to our time-line, this products will be in market by 2020. In farm, many times animals destroy the whole crops. So, we are mostly focusing on security of agriculture land from animals and thief. Also, we are focusing on security of students live in infrastructure of educational organizations. Also, we will expand it for general purpose, i.e. security of any infrastructure.

Features: Security of infrastructure, Security of crops in farms, Security of students.