Think out of the box...

Vchip Technology always believes that better society is best place to live. For making better society we needs more and more entrepreneurs. Also entrepreneurs have great contribution in progress and development of the our Country.

Vchip Technology always advice to be become a job giver than job seekers. Its will create lots many jobs and help a Country to fight against problems like unemployments.

Motivation and initial platform

Vchip Technology provide initial platform for start-ups. Biggest problem of start-up is not to start a new adventure but maintain their own passion toward their own start-up, so we motivate them time to time that encouraged them to work with full of energy. We give access to our services at free of cost to start-up so they can smoothly take-off.

One session per week for entrepreneurs and start-ups

Every Saturday we have one session reserve for discussion with start-up guys. Due to discussion these guys come to know the problems comes at different stage of start-up and how to prevent them. Also due to healthy discussion these guys are in touch with the new treads, market demands, optimistic way to fulfill the market demand. The CEO of our company personally attend that session because he believes that there is always something to learn and solving other’s problems is best way to prevent them in my company.

Event for innovative and optimize ideas

Vchip Technology conduct one event a year for innovative and optimize ideas. Some of the best ideas are selected every year. Vchip provide them initial funding, place and chance to work with Vchip.

Incubator for start-ups

For a start-up initial team and place for work is the biggest issue. We are working on it so Startup's guys can concentrate towards their adventure.

Change your self, to change the world...