About us

About Us

Vchip Technology is a young, privately held start-up company. We are mostly dealing in IoT and Artificial Intelligent (AI) based products and services for companies, organization and individuals in the Education sector, Agriculture Sector and Health Sector. We never compromise with quality so always be truthful to our customers.

We started journey of Vchip Technology in June 2014, with the prior motive of enhance the condition of Education and Agriculture field in our Country. Our dream to India become well known for Digital Village. Vchip Technology is IoT base start-up company. At Vchip, we are mostly focusing on Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization. We are also provide IoT base solution for Health sector.

We believes that, “Better society is a best place to live and educated society is better than best”. In Education sector, we are mostly focusing on digitalization of education process. Also, we are working on bridging a gap between Educational organizations/institutes and Industries.

To be at leading and respectable place in the world of IoT. World see toward our country as leading industry of Electronics and IT field.

Digitalization of villages, for that at first we digitalizes basic needs like education, agriculture and health-care. Along with that focus on Village empowerment.

Also, we are giving importance start-ups, for that we organize a competition namely start-up to stand-up.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Welcome to world of IoT

Vchip Technology provide a data analysis and advanced Analytics suite that enables you to transform your data into intelligent action and AWS-IoT, a cloud-based offering with preconfigured solutions that address common IoT scenarios (Remote Monitoring, Asset Management and Predictive Maintenance), so you can capture and analyze untapped data to transform your business.

Vishesh Agrawal, along with Ravi Dhewale and Yogee Turkar founded Vchip Technology in 2014 in Amravati. It is basically VLSI base company. We start new unit in Pune in August 2016. In Pune unit we are mostly focusing on IoT and AI based software and hardware end to end solution for Business development. We believe that our team come first than anyone else.

Dream with direction is nothing but success. We are always there for generation of creative environment and we are mostly believe in completion of small steps so we will reach to our dream with full of dedication and commitment that will make your life more comfort. Vchip Technology has ambitious plans to upgrade and expand its infrastructural facilities so that the expertise within will be of use to society as well as industry. The day is not far when Vchip Technology will be counted amongst the top Industry in the field of IoT.

We are mostly focused on our customer requirement and always work for completion of their demands with satisfaction. We are giving importance to creative minds and always be with the one having innovative ideas. We give priority to work in union and always like to work in competitive environment. We are at the learning stage and will always be at same place since we believe that, “always there is something to learn to implement new ideas with the use of experience”.