Vchip Technology, The world of IoT

Quality is our Speciality

Feeling customers happy and build quality products is the primary motive of Vchip Technology. We provide specialized Product Engineering services across the entire product development cycle, from Business Ideation to development of solution includes software development, Hardware design and development, User Interface design and implementation, Cloud and Mobility application development and Data analytics. We provide IoT base end to end solution for growth in your business and find ways to resolve the threads come in between growth of your company/organization.

Education Sector

Education is basic need for development of society. In India most of the population lives in villages and quality of education in villages is very poor because quality lecturer don’t like to live in villages. So we are providing online education platform, so anyone can access quality education just by one click. Also we make electronics gadgets which give quality education to child with enjoyment, also these gadgets are connected to internet, so child are always in touch with their parents.
Features: Education on click, MAth + loGIC = MAGIC, Learn with fun, Quality education to villages, Digital Village, Digital Education, V-edu.

Online Education
Health Care

Health Sector

Health care solutions of Vchip Technology allow hospitals to provide enhanced and differentiated experience to their patients while improving staff productivity, operational efficient and reducing power consumption. Our solution includes a patient room automation i.e. patient’s room accessory can be accessible from outside. So relatives of patient can control accessory of room like lighting, Air conditioner ect. Also facility to order food and medicine from patient’s room. Also our platform suggest proper diet to patients.
Features: Health-Care.

Food Sector

In India, the food sector has emerged as a high-growth and high-profit sector due to its immense potential for value addition. We connect all the food provider and make accessible to our customer a click only. We manage the booking of table in your favorite hotel to delivery of food at your doorstep. We also offer IoT base software and hardware solutions for hotel management for improving staff productivity, operational efficient and reducing power consumption. In hotels we provide screen at every table for order so you don’t have to wait to give your orders. At hotel management we also solve the critical problems like parking. We are mostly focusing on data analysis for efficient hotel management. It will reduce wastage so cost of meal also reduce i.e. Its win-win condition to both Hotel owner and customers. Also we working on virtual restaurants.
Features: Food-Care, Virtual restaurants.

Food Care
Agriculture in India

Agriculture sector

Vchip Technology is working on automation for Agriculture domain. E.g. Automation of transportation. If farmer have to transport his goods to market then farmer can check which vehicle is going to market on that particular day and whether it have enough space for the goods etc. Automation of thresher and other equipment which are required to farmer. We provide agriculture related online guidance to farmer. Also Online knowledge for different government schemes that will be helpful to farmers (like installation of solar cell provided by government at free or very low cost and they purchase electricity from them. It will be helpful to farmers).
Features: Automation and AI for Agriculture, Agro-India.