Testy and Healthy Food...

Food sector is a highly growing and highly profitable sector in todays era. Food is basic need of all of us and quality food is right of us. Vchip Technology has interest in Food sector with prior motive of quality for cost.

Our Solutions

Food on click

Vchip Technology connects all the food provider and make accessible to your click only. We manage the booking of table in your favorite hotel to delivery of food at your doorstep. We know the importance of your time so that our delivery never be late. Also you can track you order.

Food Care

Our motive is to provide a testy and healthy food to our customers. We developed application which help food system, food policy for better health. Our application watch on your diet and corresponding effect on your health, Finally it decide which diet is best for your health. You can go through that report, also it send copy of that report to your family doctors.

Virtual Restaurant

Now, you don’t wanna go to restaurant for meal, the restaurant will come to you at you want. Vchip Technology provide the virtual restaurant that look like existing restaurants and its services is much faster.

Hotel Management Tool

Vchip Technology provide software for hotel management. It is base on data analysis, which help to reduce the wastage so production cost goes reduce and customers get quality food at low cost. It is win-win condition for both customers and hotel owners. Also we are working on basic problems like parking of customers vehicles etc. Also we provides screen on each table so your customer can easily order what they want. Our Hotel management tool make your hotel fully automated and increase the productivity.

Coming Soon

Our FoodCare solution will be in market in 2018.